ACE TEFL and the Study Rooms have joined forces to offer top notch training and consultancy services to language teaching organisations as well as high quality professional development and training opportunities to language teachers in Greece and abroad.

The Study Rooms and ACE TEFL are working together to provide:

  • consultancy services for language teaching organisations, focusing on syllabus and course design, materials evaluation and selection, teacher observation, evaluation and development as well as teacher training. For details of these services, please visit this page or contact the Study Rooms.
  • specialist professional development seminars for language teachers on a dynamic range of topics that will support teachers and help them further their careers and improve their prospects. For details of these workshops and seminars please visit this page or contact the Study Rooms.

The Study Rooms and ACE TEFL have a lot in common: 

The Study Rooms, established in 2016 as a contemporary space for training, inspiration, creativity and collaboration, offers solutions catering to the needs and concerns of everyone involved in education – students, tutors, parents. It was created to help people learn how to plan and effectively manage their personal development and career, by discovering, growing and utilizing their abilities, skills and knowledge. 

ACE TEFL is the fruit of the cooperation of experienced teacher educators, whose efforts have always concentrated on improving the quality of language education. ACE TEFL was created to support language teaching organisations and teachers develop through seminars, consultancy services and teacher training courses as well as qualifying courses that lead to internationally recognised professional qualifications.