Understanding and Explaining Grammar

  • Is that a pronoun, a determiner or a conjunction?
  • Why can’t I ask May you give us some more information?
  • If the passive stresses the action rather than the agent, how do we explain The picture was painted by Leonardo?
  • Should I use the past or the past perfect after after?

If you’ve ever asked yourself questions like these or if your students have asked you such questions and you’ve found them difficult to answer, then you may want to consider attending our Understanding and Explaining Grammar course, a course which will improve your understanding of grammar as well as your ability to present and exemplify grammatical phenomena in the classroom.

Participants: This course is intended for:

  • practising English language teachers who wish to gain further insight into grammar and its teaching.
  • novice teachers who wish to develop their language awareness

Duration and Schedule: The course comprises 30 contact hours including seminars, workshops, and individual tasks, and lasts for 10 weeks.

Delivery mode: The course is delivered online via Zoom.

Tuition fees: The fee for this course is € 240 (£ 215) per participant. Discounts are available for groups of teachers from the same school.

Course Description: The course aims to help participants understand grammatical description, select appropriate material and activities for grammar teaching at different levels, and explain and check understanding of grammatical phenomena. Each week, participants take part in live sessions exploring different areas of grammar and complete a series of tasks in their own time.

Syllabus: The course covers such areas as:

  • Clauses and clause types
  • The verb phrase: finite and non-finite forms
  • The verb phrase: tense and aspect
  • The noun phrase: nouns and adjectives
  • Adverbs and prepositions
  • Modality
  • Futurity
  • Analysing language for teaching

Course tutors: The course is taught by Alexander Makarios and George Vassilakis.

Application process: To apply for this course, you need to complete an application form and attend an interview with one of the course tutors. Click here if you would like to apply for our Understanding and Explaining Grammar course.