Free English Lessons Face to Face

ACE TEFL is a professional development centre for teachers of English in Athens, Greece. We offer a limited number of courses for learners of English, so that our teachers can put into practice the principles they learn about.

Our English language classes are:

– completely free: you do not pay anything
– open to all adults (18+) no matter what their gender, race, nationality, religion, etc is. 
– taught by experienced English language teachers: they’ll do their best to make your lessons fun, and prepare you for your language examinations, which you can take either in December or June every year

Why are the classes free?

Because ACE TEFL is a teacher development centre. Our mission is to train English language teachers to get better and better! We do that by observing them practise their teaching in real-time with real students: you!

What’s the timetable?

Our lessons are on weekday mornings, evenings and/or Saturdays. Available days and times depend on your level.

How can I register?

Just fill in the application form by clicking here!

We will then contact you, check your level and put you in the right group!

Please note ACE TEFL is located in Athens, Greece.