New Online DELTA Courses

Start your DELTA in May and complete it by December!

We are offering more DELTA Online courses for all modules, starting in May. You can choose to start with Module One or Module Two or do all Modules in combination.

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Module One sessions are once a week, every Thursday, while Module Two sessions are on Satrurday afternoons.

Module Three can be done at any time you choose, as at ACE TEFL this is a one to one course desiged specifically for you, taking into account the specialism you have selected.

Please note that our DELTA Online programme does not require that you should find a local tutor: our tutors will support and guide you and you can use your own face to face classes or our online classes for your Module Two teaching practice.

Don’t forget, at ACE TEFL our success rate so far has been close to 80% for Module One and 100% for Modules Two and Three and our rating on the independent site, based on past trainee reviews, is 99%.

Please visit our dedicated DELTA pages for details and to download an application form:

– DELTA Module One
DELTA Module Two
DELTA Module Three

Summer CELTA registration open!

Registration has now started for our summer CELTA courses. Both fully online and face to face course options are available!

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These are intensive, four-week courses with daily attendance (Monday to Friday) on the following dates:
– 5 June  – 30 June
– 3 July – 28 July 
–7 August – 1 September

You can choose to attend either a face to face course with us in Athens or a fully online course. No matter what type of course you select, you can expect the same high standard that our trainees have always enjoyed, as well as excellent resources and facilities, lots of personal support, really affordable fees and early bird discounts.

Don’t forget, at ACE TEFL our success rate so far has been 100% and our rating on the independent site, based on past trainee reviews, is 99%.

Please visit our dedicated CELTA pages for details and to download an application form:

CELTA Online
CELTA Face to Face

Training Room

DELTA Module Two Results

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The DELTA Module Two results for the December 2022 session have just come out. Our amazing students have done very well once again, with half of them getting a Merit for Modules Two and Three and one getting a DIstinction for Module One!

As usual, 100% of our DELTA Module Two and DELTA Module Three students passed. Module One was more challenging this year, but still 75% of our students were successful.

New part-time DELTA courses for all Modules start in May and full-time DELTA courses start in July. Apply now to secure a place!

New DELTA Module Two Course

As of February 13th, we will be offering an additional part-time online DELTA Module Two course this season, which will run every Monday afternoon: 2 pm – 6.30 pm UTC.

Participants will be able to complete their Module Two assessment by September 2023. The course can be taken in combination with our DELTA Module One course starting on February 23rd, and/or the DELTA Module Three one-to-one course starting in February or September, so as to complete all DELTA Modules by December 2023.

Alternatively, you can choose to do Module Two now and start working on either of the other two Modules when you have completed it.

The DELTA Module Two course at ACE TEFL offers:

– 125 contact hours comprising input sessions and group tutorials

– 15+ hours of one-to-one sessions with your tutor

– 100+ hours of additional asynchronous input online

– Free access to an online library of resources you can use for your assignments and lessons

– The option to do your teaching practice either online or face to face

For more information about this course, please check out this page or email us!

Cambridge CELTA and DELTA Demystified!

If you are thinking of doing a CELTA or DELTA course but are not sure what is involved, join our online Q&A sessions on 4 December and ask our experienced tutors anything you like! Here are some of the questions we often get asked:
✓ Who recognises the CELTA and the DELTA?
✓ How long will it take me to complete it?
✓ Is there a difference between fully online courses and face-to-face courses?
✓ Should I do a part-time course or a full-time course?
✓ Will it cost me a lot of money?
✓ How will the CELTA or the DELTA help me professionally?

No registration is required, you can just drop in:

The DELTA Demystified (4 December 2022, 12:00 – 13;00 EET) Meeting Link

The CELTA Demystified (4 December 2022, 13:30 – 14;30 EET) Meeting Link

ACE TEFL MasterClass

To respond to the needs of experienced teachers, who often find the professional development workshops and seminars available to them either too basic or irrelevant, we have designed ACE TEFL MasterClass, a new series of specialist workshops focusing on areas that go beyond classroom teaching, such as educational management, teacher training and materials design.This new series of specialist online workshops is intended exclusively for experienced teachers.

Our first two MasterClass Workshops have been scheduled for December 2022 and focus on teacher evaluation and materials design.

Each MasterClass workshop will be led by a teacher educator with considerable expertise and extensive experience in the topic. Please find more information about our MasterClass Workshops here.

DELTA Module Two online continues!

Cambridge Assessment English has just announced that the online option for DELTA Module Two will now be a permanent feature of the DELTA scheme.

What this means is that teachers considering doing the DELTA will continue to have a range of choices. They can do their course work online or face to face, intensively or on a part-time basis.

At ACE TEFL we are very excited about this news, as we have had a lot of interest from teachers in different parts of the world who would like to study for the DELTA with us and until recently did not know whether they would be able to do DELTA Module Two online. Now that Cambridge has made this announcement, we have scheduled two more DELTA Module Two courses, to be offered part-time online, on the following dates:

– February 6 2023 – September 18 2023

– October 6 2023 – May 26 2024

For more information on our online DELTA Module Two courses, please check this page!