23/3/2021: ACE TEFL at the Foreign Languages Forum

On the 3rd and 4th of April, ACE TEFL will be participating in the 2nd Foreign Languages Forum. For details and to register, please visit this link.

Alexander and George will both be presenting on Sunday, 4th April

Alexander Makarios, Sunday 4th April at 15.10 (EEST)

Is teaching online going to be the new normal?

It has become obvious that online teaching is here to stay. We’ve all had to adapt to planning and delivering online lessons, and we are gradually becoming aware of the fact that even when the pandemic is long gone, we may still have to make more extensive use of online teaching tools and platforms than before.

In this presentation, I will argue that even though online teaching can be beneficial, there are still vital aspects of teaching and learning that necessitate at least some face-to-face contact. I will then look at ways in which teaching online and teaching face-to-face can be combined, so that we can get the best of both worlds in the post-pandemic era.

George Vassilakis, Sunday 4th April at 16.30 (EEST)

How good does your English have to be?

Not too many years ago it was generally accepted that the English spoken by ELT professionals had to be of a very high level, sometimes described as ‘native-like’. These days, however, standards and norms are not as unproblematic as they used to be: English no longer belongs to its ‘native speakers’, ELF is a reality, learners do not necessarily (or usually!) aim for high levels of accuracy, and even the standards of accuracy or appropriacy are not as clear as they once were.

In this presentation, I will discuss what kinds of linguistic knowledge may still be relevant as well as what other kinds of knowledge ELT practitioners need in the context of English taught as an international language. I will also explore ways in which the language proficiency and, perhaps more importantly, language awareness of ELT practitioners can be developed to meet contemporary demands