DELTA Module Two online continues!

Cambridge Assessment English has just announced that the online option for DELTA Module Two will now be a permanent feature of the DELTA scheme.

What this means is that teachers considering doing the DELTA will continue to have a range of choices. They can do their course work online or face to face, intensively or on a part-time basis.

At ACE TEFL we are very excited about this news, as we have had a lot of interest from teachers in different parts of the world who would like to study for the DELTA with us and until recently did not know whether they would be able to do DELTA Module Two online. Now that Cambridge has made this announcement, we have scheduled two more DELTA Module Two courses, to be offered part-time online, on the following dates:

– February 6 2023 – September 18 2023

– October 6 2023 – May 26 2024

For more information on our online DELTA Module Two courses, please check this page!

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