New DELTA Module One Online Course!

In 2021, twenty five teachers from six different countries did their DELTA Module One at ACE TEFL online. Our DELTA Module One course prepares you thoroughly for the DELTA examination, covering the syllabus in detail, over 90 contact hours online. This is what some of our trainees had to say about our DELTA Module One course:

For William Arthur Ward, “the mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” Well, George and Alexander at ACE TEFL are great teachers: they have definitely become my own inspiration since I enrolled on the DELTA/ Module 1 course, with their friendly attitude, their unfailing support, their professionalism, their dedication to their trainees’ needs and their remarkable knowledge and experience. There is no way I could go anywhere else for my Module 2 and Module 3!

I am very happy I did the DELTA Module 1 course with ACE TEFL. The course actually exceeded my expectations – the amount of personal support I received over and above the course hours was amazing! Highly recommended

Actually, I was really impressed by the way ACE created such a welcoming atmosphere. I, myself, got the most out of the course. It was a real-eye opener. I do recommend this place for those who aim to achieve academic success in their career.

For busy teachers with a heavy schedule, we have now decided to offer a part-time course preparing you for the December 2022 examination, which takes things easy: meetings are once a week, every Monday morning (EET), with a break in the summer to allow you to revise and relax, and a focus on exam technique and practice in the autumn. This course starts on February 7th, so there is still a bit of time to apply!

For more information and to apply, please visit this page!

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