Inservice Training Programmes

If you’d like ACE TEFL to help train your teachers, we can design seminars, workshops and courses that address the specific training needs of your school or organisation.

We can deliver teacher development seminars on-site, at your own centre, on our premises at ACE TEFL or even online on a variety of topics, depending on your teachers’ needs. You can either choose topics that interest you from our seminar list or we can meet and discuss topics and content that you feel your teachers can benefit from; ACE TEFL will then design and deliver appropriate training for you.

We can also help you analyse your school’s needs and objectives, so that we can design and deliver a series of seminars to help you and your staff gain greater insight into specific aspects of teaching, refresh their knowledge of and competence in teaching methods, strategies, techniques, lesson planning, etc.

To find out more about our training services for schools, please contact us so that we can schedule a meeting.