Syllabus and Materials Consultancy

Setting syllabus aims and objectives and selecting appropriate course books and supplementary materials is probably the most demanding of the tasks that a Director of Studies of a language school is faced with.

ACE TEFL can help you make appropriate choices by offering a variety of consultancy services, such as the following:
– Developing a syllabus for your school, taking into account the types of students you are teaching and their needs and wants.
– Evaluating coursebooks and supplementary materials in relation to your syllabus and making suggestions for each class and level.
– Developing detailed course plans based on the syllabus and materials you are using.
– Developing assessment tools (such as tests) based on your syllabus and materials.
– Developing supplementary materials to be used exclusively by your school.

To find out more about our consultancy services for schools, please contact us so that we can schedule a meeting.