Teacher Observation and Development

Observation is often a painful experience for teachers, many of whom tend to consider it an assessment rather than a tool for personal development. We believe that teacher development is closely associated with classroom practice, and classroom observations can help identify professional development needs quickly and efficiently. In fact, the most effective inservice training programmes are those that are based on classroom observation data: the trainers observe the teachers in action, identify needs and design and deliver training that will help satisfy those needs.

We will meet each one of your teachers before the class observation, find out what they intend to do in the observed class and give them lesson planning advice and suggestions. We will then observe their lessons and ask them to complete a reflection task. A couple of days later, we will again meet your teachers individually and give them extensive oral and written feedback. Once the observation cycle has been completed for all of your teachers, we will produce a report for you as well as proposals for training. We will discuss with you training priorities based on the observation data and together we will decide on the content of the training to be provided.

To find out more about our teacher observation services for schools, please contact us so that we can schedule a meeting.