Cambridge Train the Trainer

  • Should I use an interactive lecture or a workshop to show my teachers how to present grammar?
  • How do I give feedback to a teacher who’s known to react negatively towards criticism?
  • Should I intervene while observing a lesson or should I stay silent?

Designed for experienced teachers who manage and are responsible for their colleagues’ CPD, evaluation, observation, etc, this course will help you learn how to run training sessions, how to observe teachers delivering their lessons, and how to give them appropriate feedback.


Experienced teachers, preferably with a Diploma-level qualification such as the Cambridge DELTA, who are interested in training other teachers.

Duration and Schedule

The course lasts for 30 hours in total. The next available course dates are:

  • December 13 to December 17, 2021


The course can be delivered online or face to face.

Tuition fees

The total fee for this course is €450. The Cambridge certification fee is included.

Course description

The course is an introduction to teacher training and aims to help experienced teachers design and deliver teacher training sessions and courses, observe other teachers and give supportive feedback and understand how to develop further as a trainer.

Syllabus details

The following topics are covered:

The Training Class

  • Teaching teachers vs. teaching language learners
  • Types of input on teacher training courses
  • Different types of training

Analysing and Designing Training Sessions

  • Aims and objectives of training sessions
  • Planning and designing training sessions
  • Evaluating training sessions

Delivering Training Sessions

  • Tasks for teacher training
  • Managing a training class
  • Training practice

Observing Teachers

  • Types of observation
  • Observation techniques
  • Planning feedback sessions

Managing Feedback

  • Techniques for giving feedback
  • Forms of written feedback

Trainer Development

  • Trainer development opportunities
  • Trainer development options


Successsful participants will be awarded the Cambridge Train the Trainer certificate and are eligible to work as trainers on Cambridge CELT-P and CELT-S courses.


To register for this course, you will need to complete an initial application form and attend an interview with the course tutor. Please click here.