Free Workshops

Our teacher development workshops, offered in co-operation with The Study Rooms, cover a range of topics. The following topics were explored in the workshops we offered in late 2021. Watch this space for new topics to be covered in 2022.

  • Using portfolios and can-do statements creatively
    Twenty years after the first implementations of learner portfolios as part of the CEFR project, portfolios are becoming quite common not only as an assessment technique but also as a learning tool. In this workshop, we will discuss the nature of portfolios and their role in learning and assessment and we will demonstrate ways of using portfolios creatively at different levels, with a view to encouraging learners to take responsibility for their own learning.
  • Using grammar for communication 
    Do your students make basic grammar mistakes even though they can recite all the relevant rules and exceptions? Do they tend to sigh at the mere mention of the word ‘grammar’? Then, this webinar is for you.
    For many teachers, grammar lessons involve mainly the analysis of rules and examples and the completion of endless, tedious written exercises. In this workshop, we will explore ways of presenting and practicing grammar that go beyond the dry recitation of rules and we will demonstrate activities and techniques that can be used to teach grammar in a more creative way, ensuring that learners can use, rather than recite, the rules.
  • Creative exam preparation classes
    There is more to exam preparation than just teaching to the test! In this workshop, we will be looking at principles of teaching exam classes using methods that ensure not only that the learners will pass the exam, but that they will keep developing their language skills and have some fun in the process. Techniques will be demonstrated that are suitable for different types of exam prep classes and exam taking skills will be focused on extensively.

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