ACE TEFL and The Study Rooms Free Webinar

ACE TEFL and The Study Rooms have joined forces! To celebrate our co-operation, we offered our first joint webinar free of charge on February 17th, 2021. The webinar was presented by Alexander Makarios and George Vassilakis and attended by 99 teachers!

How do I do that online?
Class Management Skills for the virtual classroom

How can I do drilling online? How do I set up pair work and group work activities in an online class? How can I check understanding in a virtual class? These are just some of the questions good teachers ask themselves now that online teaching is no longer a choice but a need. 

Effective class management is a fundamental set of skills all teacher need, whether they teach online or in a physical classroom. It includes managing teacher talk, managing learner interaction, setting up and giving feedback on activities, managing time, managing resources, etc. In this workshop we reviewed good class management practices with a focus on applying management skills in the online classroom as effectively as in the physical classroom. Among other things, demonstrated ways of using collaborative documents, breakout rooms, online polls, non-verbal feedback options, online recording facilities and a number of online tools to ensure your classes are managed equally effectively online as they are in physical classrooms.