DELTA Module Two – Spring and Summer 2023

Two new DELTA Module Two courses are available as of May 2023: a part-time online course for busy teachers every Saturday and a full time course with daily attendance in the summer!

The DELTA Module Two course is part of the Cambridge DELTA Diploma, a Level-7 TEFL qualification recognised worldwide. It focuses on developing awareness and expertise in the principles and professional practice of teaching English in a range of contexts.

During the course, you will take part in input, workshop and tutorial sessions and work on assignments and teaching practices covering a range of language systems and skills, with the help of experienced, highly qualified Cambridge DELTA tutors. The course is continuously assessed and there is no final exam.

DELTA Module Two Online

At ACE TEFL, busy teachers from all over the world can choose to do their DELTA online over a period of six months, starting on May 20th, with input sessions every Saturday afternoon (1 pm to 5.30 pm UTC). Teaching practice can be with your own classes, observed remotely by your tutors, or with online classes provided by ACE TEFL. Please click here for more details.

DELTA Module Two Face to Face

Alternatively, you can complete your DELTA Module Two face to face at our centre in Athens, Greece, in July and August. This is a full-time course, with daily attendance, but ensures you complete your DELTA Module Two assessments by the end of August. Please click here for more details.

How to apply

To apply, please download and fill in the application form and email it to We will then send you a pre-interview task to complete and schedule an interview with one of the course tutors.

More Information

If you aren’t sure what type of course is most suitable for you or you’d like to discuss your options with one of our tutors, please fill in the form below or email us to schedule an online meeting or call us on +30 2112672499. We’d be happy to answer any questions you might have.