DELTA Module Two Online

Do you wish to take your ELT career to the next level and sharpen your knowledge and competencies as an experienced teacher?

Do you wish to get a widely recognized certificate awarded by Cambridge English Assessment and increase your chances of getting a senior teaching position or becoming a Director of Studies?

The DELTA Module Two course is part of the Cambridge DELTA Diploma, a Level-7 TEFL qualification recognised worldwide.

Course Information

On our synchronous DELTA interactive online course, the whole course is based on synchronous interaction: you meet the tutors and other trainees online, on a platform like Zoom, and interact with them live; you work on tasks together, ask questions live, discuss issues live and, if you are attending a full time course, you see your tutors every day.

Teaching practice can also take place in an online live classroom or in a face to face classroom if you are in or near Athens: the choice is yours!

Frequently asked questions

Module Two Online FAQs

No, you don't.  All of the DELTA Modules can be done online or face to  face. For Module Two, your teaching practice can be done with an online class or with an in-person class with the tutor/assessor observing remotely if necessary, with the lesson being live-streamed to them.

Yes, you can. You can use an online class or a face-to-face class that you teach  as long as your class has five or more students. For face-to-face classes, it will be necessary to livestream your lessons to your tutors and the external assessor, so you need to make sure that you have the necessary equipment and a reliable, fast Internet connection. It is also possible, of course, to teach our classes at ACE TEFL, live or online. The choice is yours.

Yes, you can. We have online classes taught on Zoom for this purpose or, if you are in Athens, you can come and teach our live classes at ACE TEFL. It is also possible, of course, to teach your own class.

The course includes dedicated tutorials for each of the assessed assignments and lessons. On top of those, you will get a minimum of two hours of one-to-one support from your tutor for each assignment. In addition, your tutor will give you feedback on drafts of the first two essays before you submit the final versions.

This is an advanced course intended for experienced teachers with some previous methodology training. Normally, we would expect that you already have the CELTA or an equivalent qualification, but we consider each applicant on the basis of their experience and knowledge. At any rate, acceptance on the course depends on successfully completing a pre-course task and an interview.

No. Each Module is assessed separately and at ACE TEFL we have made sure that the syllabus for each Module is covered fully, regardless of whether you have completed other DELTA Modules or not. In fact, most people begin their DELTA journey with Module Two.

Assessment is based on the assignments you complete during the course and is both internal and external. The assignments you need to complete are as follows:

  • A Professional Development Assignment, which requires you to monitor your own progress, identify your strengths and weaknesses and draw up an action plan for your own development at different stages of the course. This assignment includes a diagnostic lesson which you plan and teach at the beginning of the course and an experimental lesson that you teach in the second half of the course in which you try out a technique or approach you haven't used before.
  • Four Language Systems or Skills Assignments (LSAs), each of which consists of an essay, a lesson that you plan and teach and a reflection on that lesson, which you complete after you have taught it. One of the four LSAs should focus on receptive skills (listening or reading), one on productive skills (speaking or writing) and two assignments should focus on two of the language systems (grammar, lexis, phonology, discourse). You are free to choose which systems or skills the assignments will focus on as well as what topic each will explore and in what order you will do them. The first three LSAs will be assessed by your tutors, while the last one will be assessed by an external assessor.

To pass the course, you have to complete all assignments and pass at least one of the internal LSAs as well as the externally assessed LSA.

If you pass the internal assessment but fail the external assessment, you have the chance to re-do the external assessment twice within twelve months. You will, however, need to produce a completely new assignment. You only have to repeat the whole course if you do not manage to pass either of  the repeat external assessments.

You can defer the external assessment by up to six months after the end of the course, provided you have good reasons and you let us know in good time, i.e. before your external assessment has been scheduled.

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