Teacher Observation and Evaluation

  • What should I look out for when observing a lesson?
  • How do I make notes on the lesson I’m observing?
  • What kind of feedback should I give teachers I’ve observed?
  • How do I make sure this is a learning experience for the teachers?

These are just some of the questions this course aims to answer. If you have found yourself in a senior teacher or director of studies position, but aren’t quite sure how to handle teacher observation, then this is the ideal course for you.

Participants: This course is intended for private language school owners and/or Directors of Studies.

Duration and Schedule: The course comprises 20 contact hours.

Delivery mode: The course is offered online via Zoom.

Tuition fees: The fee for this course is €280 per participant.

Course Description: Based on a series of videoed lessons, participants will explore different approaches to teacher observation and different ways of giving feedback to teachers.

The course aims to help senior teachers and directors of study to:

  • understand approaches to observation and make informed choices
  • identify teacher practices, beliefs and behaviours
  • recognise “teachable moments” in teaching practice
  • give teachers supportive, constructive feedback

Course tutors: The course is taught by Alexander Makarios and George Vassilakis.

Application process: To apply for this course, you need to complete an application form and attend an interview with one of the course tutors. Click here if you would like to apply for our Teacher Observation and Evaluation course.