Reading and Translating English Poetry

  • Read and discuss poems written in English
  • Meet people from many walks of life interested in poetry
  • Learn about poetic language, technique and structure
  • Apply your knowledge to translating and/or writing poetry

Participants: This course is intended for people who take an active interest in poetry and who are bilingual in Greek and English.

Duration and Schedule: The course lasts for 20 hours, with one 2-hour live session a week.

Mode: The course is offered online and combines synchronous and asynchronous learning (Zoom and a moodle-based platform).

Tuition fees: The fee for this course is € 240.

Course description: The course is built around ten very different poems by English and American poets. Utilising a close reading technique for each of the poems, it aims to exemplify and explore various aspects of the structure of a poem, including rhythm, coherence, thematic development as well as the use of metaphor, metonymy and conceit.
Participants will be expected to read each poem in advance and complete a series of tasks on it. During each session, following a close reading, they will be asked to evaluate translations of the poem and attempt their own translation, which will be commented on by the course tutor.

Syllabus details: The poems have been selected to illustrate different eras, approaches to poetry and uses of language. The poets to be focused on include John Ashbery, Anne Carson, John Donne, Louise Glück, Frank O’Hara and Emily Dickinson. In each case, issues of language, poetic technique, structure and rhythm will be explored.

Course tutor: George Vassilakis

Registration: To register, please fill in the application form here.