Teacher Development Workshop on Teaching One to One

ACE TEFL and The Study Rooms bring you a teacher development workshop on teaching one-to-one lessons on Friday April 2nd at 11:30 am (EEST). The fee for this online workshop is € 20. Discounts are available for groups of teachers from the same school.

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All for one and one for all:
How (not) to teach one-to-one lessons
Friday 2nd April at 11.30 am (EEST)

One-to-one lessons normally differ from group lessons both in terms of the materials to be used and in terms of management and methodology – and yet, a lot of teachers simply do on a one-to-one course exactly the same things that they do in the classroom. As a result, students may not feel that they’re getting “their money’s worth” and the one-to-one lessons themselves are not necessarily as relevant to the specific students and their needs as they could be.

In this workshop, we will review principles of one-to-one course design and demonstrate techniques that are appropriate to one-to-one teaching and can be used by all teachers, with minimal preparation. Participants will get the chance to design one-to-one activities and lessons and evaluate the effectiveness of different approaches to teaching one-to-one.

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