CELTA Sholarship Competition 2023

In the two years we have been running CELTA courses at ACE TEFL, we have trained over 200 teachers, all of whom successfully completed their CELTA course with amazing results: four out of ten of our past trainees got a Grade B, while two out of ten got a Grade A!

To give more teachers the chance to get this internationally recognised qualification, we are launching a scholarship competition: the winner will receive a 50% discount on the tuition fees of our intensive CELTA Online course in August 2023.

To enter the competition, please complete the quiz below by 12 pm on Sunday 30 July.

CLICK here to enter the competition.

Please check the terms and conditions below:

  • Competition entries must be submitted using this form by 12:00 pm (midday) EEST on Sunday 30 July.
  • Results will be announced on Monday 31 July.
  • The prize is a 50% scholarship on the tuition fees for the ACE TEFL full time online CELTA course starting on 7 August 2023 and ending on 1 September 2023. Thus, the winner’s tuition fee will be 540 EUR and the total fee, including theCambridge assessment fee of 300 EUR, will be 840 EUR.
  • The course runs every day (Monday to Friday) from 10 am to 6 pm EEST.
  • The scholarship cannot be transferred to a different course. 
  • The winner will be notified by ACE TEFL on Monday 31 July and, then, the winner must complete the application process by August 3rd. If the winner does not complete the application process by the stated date, ACE TEFL reserves the right to transfer the scholarship to a runner-up. 
  • ACE TEFL will use the following criteria to judge entries: accuracy of language use; accuracy of answers; task achievement (relating to whether all questions have been answered as well as relevance of answers given).
  • The judges’ decisions are final.
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